Triangular Swirly Satin Cord Ivory Floral Applique Motifs - Per Pair

£6.50 £12.00

This pair of motifs are ideal if you are looking to make a symmetrical design as you get one left and one right side motif which are exact copies of each other - just reversed! Perfect for bridal work which includes headdresses and veils. 

Ivory in colour, the motifs are triangular in shape and feature a smooth satin card that has been swirled as a background and topped off with a flower made of the same cord. With a few clear iridescent sequins and faux pearl beads at the centre of the flower it makes for a very pretty graphic motif that's not too fussy.

Motifs measure (at widest point):
Width: 10cm (3.9 inches)
Length: 9cm (3.5inches)