Opaque Oil Slick Sequin Film


Ever wanted to make your own shimmery flowers, custom sequins or graphic modern shapes? Then sequin film is just the stuff you need! Simply cut with a sharp pair of scissors to make your shapes. Also works well with craft punches! 

This variety is double sided, opaque and has an oil slick finish. Oil slick finish creates a multi-colour sheen on the surface which is randomly placed with streaks and blotches. It's by far our favourite finish! 100% polyester.

Width: 12.5cm (4.92 inches)

Sold by the metre (1.09 yards) or in bulk 10m (10.9 yard) rolls.

Colour Notes:
Shell Opaque Oil Slick: A gorgeous range of soft beige tones with iridescent overlay. Very similar to mother of pearl!
Light Pink Opaque Oil Slick: A very pale pink with iridescent overlay
Light Blue Opaque Oil Slick: A pale blue with lots of purple and pink moments
Cerise Opaque Oil Slick: A medium cerise tone with a fire-y iridescent finish