Millinery Petersham Ribbon Remnant Rolls - 10m

These great value millinery petersham remnant rolls contain a mix of our French, standard, cotton and Vintage ranges in a variety of lengths and colours - perfect for experimenting!

You will receive 10m (10.9 yards) of remnants that measure anywhere from .2-2m in length. Colour selection and variety is completely random and no specific colour choices can be guaranteed. It really is a grab bag!

Most pieces included are simply short remnant pieces with no defects, but please note that the occasion piece may be included due to slight defects, marks or miscolouring.

All varieties included are proper high quality millinery petersham that can be curved and shaped with an iron.
Sizes available: 
-15mm No.3 (0.59 inches)
-25mm No.5 (0.98 inches)
-38/40mm No.9 (1.5 inches)
-50mm No.16 (1.9 inches)