Vintage 1930's/40s Veiling Round - Small Swirl


We can't quite contain our excitement about these vintage veiling rounds! Made to drape over a hat or fascinator base, this round piece of honeycomb weave veiling adds a serious dose of drama to any hat! If you have the nerve to cut into one it would be perfect for making two blusher veils. 

They date to the 1930s/40s (some even earlier) and come in several designs - so be sure to search our site for them all! 

This design has a chainlink stitch with small upward swirls from the outer edge.

Veiling round measures:
Width: Approx 65cm (25 inches)
Honeycomb width: Approx. 5mm

Condition: In amazing condition for it's age, most rounds are in mint condition but may have a disconnect or two in the honeycomb. This veiling has been stored folded over the years so could do with a steam before use.