Stripped Hackle Feather Fan

This hackle feather fan is ideal for trimming hats and fascinators! Made from around 40 stripped hackle feathers attached to a half circle cotton base, use the whole fan as a trim or pluck feathers out of the cotton base to use individually.

Feathers measure around 10-12cm (3.9-4.7 inches) in length.
Approximate width of whole fan is around 22cm (8 inches).
  • £2.00
Black Hackle
Grey Hackle
Ivory Hackle
Light Beige Hackle
Mahogany Hackle
Red Hackle
Cerise Hackle
Fuchsia Hackle
Light Coral Hackle
Coral Hackle
Orange Hackle
Yellow Hackle
Mint Hackle
Bright Green Hackle
Emerald Hackle
Jade Hackle
Dark Jade Hackle
Aqua Blue Hackle
Deep Turquoise Hackle
Royal Blue Hackle
Powder Blue Hackle
Lilac Hackle
Purple Hackle
Plum Hackle