'Presto' Vintage Sewing Set


Oh my! This 'Presto' sewing set dates to around the late 50's/early 60's and has everything a gal needs to sew and mend. Better yet it is all wrapped up in a cute plastic case with sewing motifs on top. Kit comes in it's original box packaging and includes:

-Built-in needles threader and cutter
-Pins & Needles
- A selection of hose mending threads
-A spool of black and a spool of white 'The Brick' branded cotton thread
-Plastic Thimble

Available in 4 sweet colours. 

Kit Measures:
Width: 7.5cm (3 inches)
Depth: 5cm (2 inches)


Marked 'Made in England'. These are limited in supply, so grab one quick whilst you can!