Large Brimmed Polybraid Sailor Hat Form


This classic sailor hat form features a large upturned brim which has become very much in vogue for mothers of the bride and race hats this year.

Made from polybraid, this shape can be gently steamed to adjust the shape. 

This hat form is almost ready for you trim, simply sew in a petersham head ribbon to complete for sizing. Want to skip all that hard work? You might be able to get away with adding in a few internal combs so it stays in place. 

Form measures:
Width: 35cm (13.7 inches)
Brim height: 6cm (2.3 inches)


 Colour notes:

White: This variant has a small amount of discolouring around top outer brim edge from storage. Will likely come off with a bit of love, but we have whacked a generous discount on top if it doesn't!