Pheasant & Hackle Mixed Feather Hat Mount


This mount has so many different types of feathers on it, we don't know where to start! 
Hackle, pheasant, french partridge, it's got it! This feather mount screams historical restoration to us, perfect for bringing vintage or even antique pieces back to life. 

The two front sections are made from badger hackle and pheasant feathers, and are also wired up which means they can be positioned however you like. The main body of the mount has been made using hackle feathers, a shaped pheasant feather and finished off with a couple of french partridge feathers to hide the stem. 

Feather mount measures: 
Mount length: 25cm (10 inches) from tip of the feather to the end of the stem. 
Mount width: Approx. 20cm (8 inches) but will vary depending how you position the feathers.