Mega Fluffy Hackle & Goose Biot Feather Hat Mount


Picture our fluffy hackle and goose biot feather mount, now times it by 5, and that's just how big this feather mount is. It is MEGA! 

Made up of dyed fluffy hackle and long goose biot feathers, this mount would work perfectly on its own stitched onto a headband or comb, or as part of a larger headpiece or hat. There are five sections to this mount, each individually wired up so you'll be able to position the mount just how you want it.

These mega mounts come packaged flat in a packet, so you'll need to give it a little steam first to fluff it up a touch. 

Mount measures approximately 32-35.5cm (12.5-14 inches) in length from top of the feathers to the end of the stem.

*Please note, this product is part of a limited range. Once they're gone, they're gone!*