'Lydia' Large Layered Sinamay Flower Millinery Hat Mount


'Lydia' has it all! Rolled blossoms are surrounded by folded leaves, bias loops and a mix of hand rolled and formed leaves to the back. It's a big hat mount that will make a big statement! We especially love Lydia because you can even disassemble it and use the elements individually to your taste - and trust us, there is loads to trim several hats here! 

To use on it's own, simply sew onto a comb or headband. 

As these are handmade, each flower is unique and may vary in size and appearance from colour to colour.

Mount measures:
Width: Approx. 25cm (9.8 inches), although depending on how you style this it could be much bigger or smaller.

Please note that this range does not coordinate with our standard range of sinamay fabric and trims. Some colours will be close, but don't expect an exact match!