Large Zippered Goose Biot and Hackle Feather Hat Mount


Zippered goose biot feathers AND colourful fluffy hackle feathers?! Sign us up! These feather mounts are certainly an acquired taste, but we're living for them.

Made up of zippered goose biot feathers and brightly dyed fluffy hackle feathers, these large mounts would work perfectly paired with silk flowers on a larger fascinator base. 

If the combination of white biot and colourful hackle feathers isn't for you, why not pluck out the zippered feathers to use on another project! Two for the price of one? Yes please!

Mount measures approximately 34-36cm (13.5-14 inches) from stem to the tip of the feather.

*Please note, this product is part of a limited range. Once they're gone, they're gone!*