Extra Large Goose Feather Tree Mount

Looking to make a big statement on a big hat? Then this extra large feather mount is for you! Each goose feather has been trimmed, shaped and wired onto a branch-like stem which has been meticulously wrapped in thread. It really is a thing of beauty! 

This mount looks fab adorning a large brimmed hat or even mounted on it's own to a headband. Mix two together for a custom colour combination with a big punch.

Feather Mount Measures:
Length: 28-30cm (11-12 inches)
  • £10.00
Black Goose
Pewter Grey Goose
Pale Grey Goose
White Goose
Ivory Goose
Light Beige Goose
Latte Goose
Mink Goose
Blush Goose
Rose Pink Goose
Light Pink Goose
Dusky Pink Goose
Fuchsia Pink Goose
Cerise Goose
Red Goose
Coral Goose
Honeycomb Goose
Bottle Green Goose
Teal Goose
Duck Egg Blue Goose
Aqua Goose
Pale Blue Goose
Royal Blue Goose
Heather Goose
Plum Goose
Rust Goose