'Kim' Extra Large 17cm Vintage German 1950/70's Wired Peony Flower


We have longed for big fluffy silk peonies, so getting our hands on these vintage ones is an absolute treat! 

Dating between the 1950's-70's, these silk flowers were made in Germany and are the most fabulous quality made from layers and layers of superbly dyed silk. Accompanying the flowers is three wired leaves and a long stem, all of which you can chop off if you would simply like to use the flower portion of this beauty! 

Flower measures:
Flower width: 17cm (6.6 inches)
Length of stem: 50cm (19.6 inches)

♻️ This product is part of our sustainable range of millinery supplies. By buying this vintage product, you are saving our earths precious resources ♻️