'Kayla' Velvet Wired Leaf Millinery Hat Mount


There is a reason that leaf mounts are popular, they are so incredibly versatile! Use them to back other trims to tie in specific colours into your piece, clip off one or two from the stem to use individually, or even put the whole mount onto a headband for a quick fascinator - you really can do it all with this one!

'Kayla' is made up of lush velvet that catches the light beautifully! All the leaves are individually wired and attached to a central wired stem. 

Mount measures:
Length: 19cm (7.4 inches)
Length of wired stem: 6.5cm (2.5 inches)

Colour Notes: 

Black - This particular colourway has some odd stiffener splodges in places and purple tape. For this reason we have priced these half off!