'Jamie' Vintage 1950/60's Japanese Velvet Wired Millinery Leaf Spray


'Jamie' is a super lush bundle of velvet leaf stems that were made in Japan in the 1950/60's. It's lush leaves are such a good size you could piece this one out into several projects if you wished!

Fully wired, this bunch includes 18 leaves. Due to the light colour nature of these leaves, the darkening of the glue on the backside of the leaf shows through ever so slightly to the front. It's not a major discolouration, but is something to consider. We have reduced the price of these according to their condition.

Leaf stem measures:
Total Length: 33cm (12.9 inches)

♻️ This product is part of our sustainable range of millinery supplies. By buying this vintage product, you are saving our earths precious resources ♻️