Goose Biot Feather Pom Hat Mount

Flowers not your thing? Well this bold, graphic feather pom was made just for you! Made from dozens of spiky goose biot feather tips to form a half round pom shape, it has a wired stem for ease of sewing onto a hat and comes in a range of our best selling colors.

We love adding three poms onto a simple button base to make a simple, modern fascinator!

Mount measurements are approximately:
9-10cm (3.5-4 inches) wide
Wired stem measures 10cm (4 inches) long

  • £4.50
Black Biot
Pewter Grey Biot
Pale Grey Biot
White Biot
Ivory Biot
Ivory and Latte Mix Biot
Latte Biot
Mink Biot
Dusky Pink Biot
Light Pink Biot
Bubblegum Biot
Neon Pink Biot
Fuchsia Pink Biot
Cerise Biot
Red Biot
Rainbow Biot
Coral Biot
Blush Biot
Yellow Biot
Neon Yellow Biot
Mint Green Biot
Sage Green Biot
Emerald Green Biot
Bottle Green Biot
Teal Biot
Aqua Biot
Pale Blue Biot
Pastel Biot
Royal Blue Biot
Plum Biot
Rose Pink Biot
Deep Royal Blue
Duck Egg Biot