'Firework' Goose Biot Feather Mount


Biot feathers are a classic millinery feather, but we definitely think this is one of our favourites! 

Simply by knotting the end of the biot feather you can create this amazing 'firework' effect. Consisting of approximately 40 feathers, these mounts have been made by grouping the feathers and using glue to secure them together. As they haven't been finished off with paper binding or wire, you may find some of the biot poms might fall out of the bundle, but never fear! Just pop it back on with a little bit of glue. Or, if you prefer, why not try and use them separately with an array of other feathers?

There are approximately 40 feathers in this mount, measuring 14-16cm in length.

Please note, this is a limited product. Once they're gone, they're gone!