Extra Large Lady Amherst & Goose Feather Flower Hat Mount


Well aren't these just incredible?! These lady amherst feather mounts are unlike anything we have ever seen before, and we're IN LOVE! 

This mount is made up of dyed lady amherst feathers, combined with zig zag cut goose nagorie feathers. Each mount is made up of 5 fully wired stems which you can shape to hearts content. 

Some of these mounts are a mix of white lady amherst feathers and coloured feathers, but others are all one colour. Please make sure you select the correct colour option before checking out. 

Measurements: Mount measures approximately 37-40cm in length from stem to feather. 

Colour notes:
Navy, turquoise and lime green mounts have purple tape on the stem, all others have black.

On some of the lighter feathers you may come across some small dark natural markings. Although the majority of the feather will lighten up when bleached/dyed, expect to see some small residual marks. 

*Please note, this product is part of a limited range. Once they're gone, they're gone!*