Antique Flower Mould & Cutter - 1505X Angled Maple Leaf


There is simply nothing that makes us swoon as much as these antique flower moulds! This set includes a cutter to stamp out the leafs shape and a brass top and bottom mould for pressing out the leaf shape.

Ideal for creating your own flowers from scratch, you won't want to hide away this tool anytime soon as they are a gorgeous thing to behold in their own right! 

These moulds came from a 4 generation old flower manufacturer in New York and a real piece of millinery history! 

This style is an angled maple leaf, measuring 7.8x5.5cm in size. This set is particularly special as it comes with not one, but two veining moulds! WOW! One with very bold veining, and the other has really intricate detailing.

You'll notice there is a small hole on the cutter which helps you poke the cut fabric out. How nifty is that!?