77mm Wide No.40 Vintage 1950's Swiss/England Made Nylon Ribbon


Nylon ribbon has a slightly stiff hand and a subtle sheer appearance making it ideal for making big lush bows, folding into intricate swirls, dressmaking, and even for luxurious gift wrapping! Dating to the 1950's, it really is an all-round winner! 

We have quite a variety of manufactures across each colour, and all are made in either Switzerland or England. We rescued these from an old haberdashery and they are in insanely perfect condition for their age! 

Ribbon measures 77mm (3 inches) wide and is sold by the metre (1.09 yards).

Where possible we will provide the paper backing for your ribbon. We have a massive selection of vintage nylon ribbons, so same-name colours across sizes may vary in tone. If you need a perfect match please do get in touch!