15mm No.3 French Millinery Petersham Hat Ribbon

This deluxe 15mm (aka No.3) size millinery petersham is the ideal size for making thin hat brim edgings and is mostly used as a trim. It has a subtle gorgeous shine to it and comes in over 35 colours!

Made specifically for hat making, this ribbon can be curved with an iron, is colourfast and has a fiber content of 50% cotton / 50% viscose. Made in France.

Sold by the metre (1.09 yards) or by the full roll which measures 25m (27.3 yards). Multiple metres purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece.

  • £2.00
Black Petersham
Charcoal Grey Petersham
Dark Grey Petersham
Silver Grey Petersham
White Petersham
Eggshell Petersham
Ivory Petersham
Alabaster Petersham
Light Beige Petersham
Mink Petersham
Mocha Brown Petersham
Dark Brown Petersham
Wine Petersham
Deep Red Petersham
Red Petersham
Fuchsia Pink Petersham
Rouge Pink Petersham
Pale Pink Petersham
Pale Peach Petersham
Apricot Petersham
Deep Orange Petersham
Old Gold Petersham
Antique Gold Petersham
Pale Sage Petersham
Spring Green Petersham
Olive Green Petersham
Teal Petersham
Light Turquoise Petersham
Aqua Petersham
Pale Blue Petersham
Denim Blue Petersham
Deep Royal Blue Petersham
French Navy Petersham
Deep Navy Petersham
Plum Petersham
Heather Petersham
Pale Purple Petersham