What you Need:

-2m of 25mm No.5 millinery petersham




Step 1

 Place a pin 8cm from the edge of your long ribbon.

Step 2

Add a second pin 8cm away from the 1st pin

Step 3

Fold over the ribbon so that the two pins meet. Tack the ribbons together by sewing through the very top edge of the ribbon on the top right side.


Step 4

Fold the ribbon at the tacked juncture and continue to fold back and forth, making a tack stitch at every top right juncture to hold it together.

Step 5:

Continue until you have approximately 20 loops.

Step 6:

Make the two sides meet to create a circle shape and add another tack stitch to bind together.

Step 7:

Trim off excess ribbon and set aside – we will use these later! Fold under the raw edges and add another tack stitch to secure. Cut thread.

Step 8:

Lay your cockade stitch side down and press it down so that the layers begin to swirl into a circle. Arrange each loop so that it is spaced as evenly as you like, when you are happy with the arrangement iron flat. Add a few tack stitched underneath the cockade to secure it’s arrangement.

Simpy sew onto your hat and you are done!

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xoxo Petershams