What you will need:
-Small scrap of sinamay
-Goose Biot Feathers (around 20-30)
-UHU Glue

Step 1


Cut a small square of sinamay around 2x2” in size. If possible choose a colour that coordinates with your feathers.

Step 2

Scrunch the sinamay into a tight ball with your fingers and secure the ball by wrapping with a 12” long piece of thread.

Step 3

Press the sinamay ball down so that the bottom forms a flat surface.


Step 4

To prepare the feathers, cut into 1-1.5” long pieces. For the best results cut the feather on it’s spine to preserve the pointy tips. Depending on how dense you want your flower to be you will need to cut up around 20-30 biot feathers.

Step 5

Spread a thick layer of UHU glue over the domes top of your sinamay ball.

Step 6

Wait a minute for the UHU glue to get tacky and begin to place your feather pieces around the bottom edge of the sinamay ball. Continue to layer up the feathers working towards the center. If needed, add more UHU to the center of your sinamay ball as you work your way up.

Step 7

Continue placing feathers until you reach the center of the flower. Fill in any gaps in the flower by adding a small amount of UHU to the end of a feather piece and place into the gaps.

Step 8

 As the UHU glue begins to set you can fluff the feathers to their desired position.

Allow to dry overnight and you are ready to trim up your hat!

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xoxo Petershams