Covering headbands with ribbon adds a bespoke feel to hairpieces, and is essential when making pieces that need to match hair colour. Make use of odd colour headbands by simply covering them in a new colour! It also allows for a much needed surface to sew into when attaching to your project.




-Approx. 1m (1.09 yards) ribbon. Satin, ordinary grosgrain, organza or thin petersham are all excellent choices for this project. 

-UHU Glue





How To: 

The amount of ribbon you need to cover a headband will vary depending on the ribbon you choose and the width of the headband. We have a rather wide headband blank that measures 19mm wide and are gong to use a 15mm wide petersham ribbon. 1m (1.09 yards) will be more than enough to cover the headband. 

Firstly cut two 3cm lengths of your ribbon. Glue these to the tips of your headband with a small amount of UHU glue.

Dab a tiny amount of glue to the end of your petersham and start wrapping it tightly around your headband core until you have reached the opposite side.

Trim off excess ribbon, fold under raw edge and make a few tack stitches to secure and you are done! You now have a perfectly covered headband that you can attach to a hat base or use as a the base for a headpiece.

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xoxo Petershams