1930/40's Gold Painted Millinery Hat Display Mannequin Head


When we bought the remaining stock of a hat making factory, we were given these incredible Art Deco style mannequin heads - we definitely toyed with the idea of saving them but just simply do not need them all! 

They are well used, which is something to keep in mind. They were painted gold at a later date, and a few moments of flesh colour paint can be seen in places. There is some glue marks where eyelashes have been attached as well. 

A very gentle sanding and fresh lick of paint will bring these beauties back to glory! The are made from fiberglass and in an effort to make the bases heavier have had some glue/bluetack added to their insides. 

We have a few of these available, and the one you receive could be different from that photographed with varying degrees of surface damage.