Sinamay Fabric Shade Card


Our handy Petershams Millinery Supplies sinamay shade card is here! With 39 colours in our core range it's a must-have tool to ensure you get a perfect match for all your hat making projects.  

This shade card complements our permanent solid colour sinamay range and trims which include:

-Sinamay fabric (excluding budget, patterned varieties)
-Our full range of small & large hat bases
-Hand rolled sinamay trim
-1cm, 2cm & 3cm sinamay bias

You will receive a clipping of each of our 39 colours on 3 bound cards.

-DISCONTINUED COLOURS NOT INCLUDED: Royal Blue and Orange although we still have ample bases and trims in these colours. 

-LIMITED EDITION COLOURS: Not included on our shade card is Unicorn Purple and Ice Grey.

Please note that whilst our shade card does accurately portray our colours, occasionally dye batches can vary.