2mm Thermoformable Wool Felt Fabric - 1/2m


Flat wool felt fabric is here and it's better than ever! It's thermoformable properties mean that it will even hold a slight shape when heated, which is excellent for blocking and for making trims. 

Composition: 90% Australian & South American Wool and 10% polyester.

Dyed in Europe, this fabric is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified making it an even better option for the earth.

Fabric Width: 75cm (29.5 inches)
Thickness: 2mm (Perfect for smaller hats and trimming!) 

Provided in half metre lengths which is 50x75cm (19.6"x29.5"). Multiple lengths purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece.

How to Use:
Steaming: This fabric can be steamed. Simply heat through and block as you would a standard hat body. 
Oven: You can even put it in the oven! Small trims can be pinned with steel pins to hold their shape. Heat at 130C for light colours and 150C for dark colours in an oven (not gas) for 20 minutes. 
Microwave: Yup! You can microwave this stuff! 'Bake' for 5 minutes on 850W. Ensure you DO NOT use pins to hold together your piece as your microwave will not like that. Tack stitching your piece with cotton thread works a treat. 

You will still likely need to stiffen your project for millinery purposes. A PVA mixture or traditional spirit based stiffener both worked well on our testing.