If you've paid checked out our social media recently you have seen Fiona and myself on some pretty awesome trips. From selecting pieces at high end French manufacturers to digging through rubble in shut down South African warehouses we really have had some adventures this year. And live to tell the tale!


Michelle and Fiona getting down and dirty!


So much good stuff!


Supplying vintage has always been close to our hearts. The idea of making hats from things that already exist is not only great for the planet, but working with such well made materials is really gratifying. Anyone who has ever blocked out a vintage felt will know the feeling. Once you get over your nerves of messing up you are instantly launched into its buttery bliss. Don't even get me started on vintage sequins and velvet! And in an ever changing landscape where people can pinch your hat designs before you can say 'Instagram', using unique vintage finds is at least one way to ensure that your pieces are one of a kind.


Vintage gradient ribbon found on our travels


In addition to all of the vintage madness we've picked up over the past year we have expanded our range to over 3000 core products for the modern milliner. On trend padded headbands and silk abaca has stormed our store and we're so pleased to have one the largest selections of veiling online! Some of our customers will remember when we were just a veiling shop on Etsy named 'Squirlgirl'. Do you guys remember that? Wow, things have grown! 


In the earlier days of our first shop in Elephant & Castle



Veiling for daaaays...


As we have grown so has our team, and adding more hat-mad staff to our operation has taken up space alongside our ever growing stock. Visitors to our London store have seen how amazing we are at cramming in merch into every possible crevice. I've been waiting for an honorary degree in Space Management to come through the post, honestly. I'm sure it's on it's way, but the fact of it is that 1) We have run out of space and 2) Our shopping habits don't look like they are easing up anytime soon. 


Michelle, Coco, Ella, Poppy, Sarah and Fiona visiting Brenda at the historic Shirley Leaf & Petal Co. for our staff Christmas Party in 2019


We really wanted a space that we could hold all of our stock, house all of our staff and still have some room to dance when 'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac crops up on our playlist. You feel me? Stevie would want it that way.  

So, all of that coupled with an urge for a simpler, greener life drew us to Canterbury. Did we want to be far from London? Heck no! St. Pancras station is a mere 1 hour journey to Canterbury West Station. With our sights set on a giant space it just fell into place, and our move to Canterbury was sealed! 


Vintage melusines and peachblooms we found in Germany


For now we are going to hole up in an industrial park whilst our dream shop is being built. Having a space where our customers can pop in and out is at the core of what we are and what we like to do. Chatting about colours, designs, dogs, doughnuts - everything - is part of what makes our days amazing.

From March 21st our new home will only be open to the public on select Open Days until the most amazing millinery supply shop in the world opens up (more about that in the future!). Open days at our industrial home will be announced on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so stay tuned to be one of the first to come say hello.

We are so excited for this new chapter at Petershams and we tip our hats to all of our amazing customers, online and in-store.


Our London location at 3 Creekside, SE8 4SA will be closed to customers from Wednesday March 18th while we make our big move. Online orders made after 12pm on Wednesday March 18th will ship out at our new Canterbury location from Monday March 23rd.


Interested in working at Petershams, Canterbury? We're hiring! 


xoxo Michelle




February 27, 2020 — Michelle Osborne

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