You may have seen we skipped out one day last month on a major buying trip, and we are so happy to start to reveal some of our finds! 

Ladies and gents, we have VINTAGE SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS!

This is not a drill. 



From giant heliotrope round crystals to petite hearts, we are smitten. You may have heard that earlier this year Swarovski announced that it will no longer be supplying consumers with their elements, so these babies will be really difficult, if not impossible to get your hands on. Best to stock up now!

Even better, these babies are vintage, mostly dating to the 80's and 90's. We picked up quite a few discontinued styles, too! 

Alongside these top-shelf finds, we have an enormous amount of German and Czech crystals that mostly date to the 1940s and 50's. All in original brown paper packet packaging, they are a treat for the eyes. 




And just look at these pastel aurora borealis beauties! 



We are adding new items weekly, so to see what we have added this week check out our new items here


xoxo Michelle



November 04, 2021 — Michelle Osborne

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