Vintage Wide Ruffle Natural Strip Straw Braid - 40mm Wide

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Oooh la la! Vintage millinery straw braid really is the stuff hat making dreams are made of. 

Made from thin, wide strip straw, it has been plaited into a wide braid pattern and has a delicate yet chunky nature to it. 

We don't know how exactly old this stuff is, but it's previous owner had it passed down from their family over for 40 years ago - so potentially we are looking at an antique here! 

Kept in perfect dry, dark, conditions, it hasn't seen the light of day until now. Use it as a trim or go all out and make a full hat from it. Tested for fragility, it still has plenty of bend in it, but you will want to treat this braid with great care to avoid breaking it. 

Braid measures: Around 40mm (1.5 inches) wide

Available by the metre (1.09 yards), multiple lengths purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece.