Vintage 38mm No.9 Millinery Petersham Hat Ribbon

This vintage 38mm wide (a.k.a. No.9) millinery petersham ribbon is ideal for trimming, edging and creating hat bands as it can be curved with an iron.

This is super high quality and is made specifically for hat making. We don't have a fibre content for this vintage variety but it's quite likely to be a blend of cotton and rayon. Ribbon dates to the 1970s'/80s and varies in manufacturer, so expect texture and feel to vary amongst colours.

Sold by the metre (1.09 yards) or by the full roll which measures approximately 50m (54 yards). Multiple metres purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece.

Note: 'Damaged Emerald' colour ribbon has dyeing inconsistencies so we are letting this go at a super bargain! Perfect if you are planning to dye up your own darker colour petersham.  

  • £1.75
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