Vintage 32mm Wide Striped Grosgrain Ribbon - 1m

It's wide, striped AND vintage! We love the colourways of this grosgrain ribbon. Perfect for making a statement trim on your hat or headpiece. 

This ribbon dates back to around 1970-80 and was made for regalia use so it's super high quality.

Ribbon Measures:
32mm (1.25 inches) wide

Sold by the metre (1.09 yards).Multiple lengths purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece.  

  • £2.50
Cerise and Royal Grosgrain
Yellow with Purple Grosgrain
Purple with Yellow Grosgrain
Aqua Burgundy and Plum Grosgrain
German Grosgrain
Red and Yellow Grosgrain
White and Aqua Grosgrain
Blue and Yellow Grosgrain
Purple with Yellow Grosgrain FULL ROLL