Vintage 1940's Dainty French Sequin and Bead Leaf Trim - 1/2m

We have a serious vintage bridal alert here! This superb sequin and beaded leaf trim dates to the 1940's, is French made and unbelievably is entirely handmade! You can even see the pencil line traces on the mesh back outlining the design - it really is truly stunning. 

The colours are amazing too - just a tad aged which makes it really special. The antique silver has a hint of gold to it, and the gold variety has a really rich feel to it. 

This really is the ultimate trim for an elegant, timeless bridal piece. 

Trim measures 25mm wide (.98 inches) and is sold by the half metre (50cms/19.6 inches). Where possible multiple lengths purchased will arrive as one long continuous piece but due to the nature of what lengths we have it's possible you will receive separate pieces.

  • £20.00