Vintage 10cm (4 inch) Wide No.35 Petersham Stripe Moire Ribbon - 1m

Product Description

Striped vintage petersham with a moire effect?! This ribbon has all the bells and whistles! Dating back to around 1950-1980 it has a lovely thickness to it and make for a stunning statement hat trim.

Marked 'Made in England' it has the signature picot edge that allows for curving with an iron. 

Fiber content is unknown but is most likely a rayon blend as characteristic of petersham of it's time.

Sold by the metre (1.09 yards). Multiple metres purchased will arrive as one long, lovely, continuous piece!

Light Blue and Tomato Moire Petersham
Rainbow Moire Petersham
Royal Burgundy and Aqua Moire Petersham
Jade and Red Moire Petersham