The Most Amazing Vintage Capeline We Have Even Seen


When we opened up our latest box of vintage treasures we found a small stack of what can only be described as the most amazing capelines we have ever seen. Don't let her know that I told you, but Fiona shed a tear taking this out of the box - it really is that special. We have laid our eyes on thousands of hat bodies over the past 11 years, so when we tell you this is insanely special - we totally mean it! 

It's pricey, but that is down to the fact that it is a museum piece that will never be replicated. Made from a buntal-like straw, the time, skill and craftsmanship of this piece speaks for itself. And it's size - it's wonderfully huge! I donned one for Royal Ascot this year and can confirm that I felt like a million bucks. 

The colour is gorgeous, it has taken on that nice golden brown tone that only a vintage straw can obtain. It's fibres are still lovely and soft and it remains fully flexible. In excellent condition otherwise, there is evidence of some slight foxing on some of the outer brim edge and central solid brim. It's not a deal-breaker by any means as this baby is insanely gorgeous and will bring you so much joy you won't know what to do with it all. 

So how old it it? It's hard to tell as we have not seen anything like it thus far. Our best guess is that it is pre-1960s. 

Capeline measures:
Flat measurement from crown tip to brim: 38cm (15 inches)

Brim width from side crown to brim edge: 20cm (7.8 inches)

*Please note that this is not a finished hat but the 'body' to make one from scratch.*  


Petershams Guide to hat bodies:
Cone: This is the perfect size for most fascinators and for blocking out hat crowns.
Flares: This is the size inbetween a cone and a capeline, so good for hats with smaller brims or larger fascinators.
Capelines: This is the largest hat body, great for wide brimmed fitted hats.


♻️ This product is part of our sustainable range of millinery supplies. By buying this vintage product, you are saving our earths precious resources ♻️