Striped Pattern Goose Quill Feather - Single Feather

Looking for a chic hat feather? Well this stripe pattern feather is sure to impress! The process for making this feather is such a secret that we have to keep it under our hats, but we can tell you that it involves etching and dying a turkey feather then hand shaping it into an imitation goose quill. It is absolutely divine and we have never seen anything quite like it! Sold individually.

Each feather is unique and will vary ever so slightly in shape and size but typically measures:
Length: 28-30cm (11-11.8 inches)
Width: 5cm (2 inches)

Pale tones (such as ivory) burnt out areas will appear as a slight gold tone.

  • £9.50
Red Striped
Bright Pink Striped
Yellow Striped
Ivory Striped
Green Striped
Royal Blue Striped
Black Striped