Plush Marabou Boa - 1.8-1.9m

Product Description

These thick feather boas are made from hundreds of fluffy marabou feathers strung together into a thick strand. Whilst not typically a millinery item boas are fantastic for cutting up into small sections and using on loads of hat projects - such great value!

Boas vary in length but typically measure between 1.8-1.9m long. 

Also available we have scrap bundles with varying lengths and of marabou that total 3m. 

This item is limited edition, when it's gone it's gone!

Bright Plum Marabou
Plum Marabou
Midnight Purple Marabou
Dark Blue Marabou
Pewter Grey Marabou
Black Marabou with Silver Strands
Black Marabou with Black Strands
3m Marabou Scraps Bundle Ivory
3m Marabou Scraps Bundle Black