'Ophelia' Silk Poppy Millinery Flower Hat Mount

These frilly poppies are so sweet! Made from layered silk, each petal is individually wired so you can arrange it to get the just the position you desire. 

This 'Ophelia' flower has a petite velvet button centre and is surrounded with delicate stamens, just like a poppy should! 

Mount measures:
Flower width: 10cm (3.9 inches)
Length of stem: 6cm (2.3 inches)

Colour notes:

White Broiderie Anglaise Cotton - This option is made from lace cotton, not silk. It's an absolute stunner! 

  • £5.00
Ivory Silk
White Broderie Anglaise Cotton
Pale Pink Silk
Coral Silk
Pale Yellow Silk
Peacock Ombre Silk
Pale Blue Silk
Heather and Chocolate Silk
Bright Plum Silk
Black Silk