Museum Quality Metal Vintage 1920/30s Lady's Own Toilet Pin Tin

These might possibly be the finest thing we have ever found on our vintage adventures! Completely new deadstock, we found a full box of these tins in an old warehouse wrapped up in brown paper and string. Unveiled for the first time in almost a century, they are in immaculate museum quality condition.

The tin itself has a lovely motif boasting the 'best pins' with the 'finest points'. Pins are in assorted sizes ranging between 2-3cm n length.

Available in limited quantities, grab a piece of haberdashery history whilst you can!  

Inside tin reads:

'An indispensable companion to ladies at home or abroad, in the boudoir, touring, visiting or the hotel. Being made of the finest brass wire and carefully silvered, these pins may be used without risk in the finest materials.'

  • £20.00