'Lyla' Vintage 1950's-60's California Poppy Millinery Hat Mount

Meet 'Lyla', the most amazing vintage California poppies you will ever see!

Dating to the 1950'/60's, each stem is made up the most fluttery lightweight silk with a fuzzy centre, delicate stamens, green leaves and a green long stem. Made in Germany in the 1960's, this flower really is a case of 'they don't make them like they used to' - it is simply gorgeous! 

Flower measures:
Flower width: 7cm (2.75 inches)
Length of stem: 40cm (15.7 inches)

♻️ This product is part of our sustainable range of millinery supplies. By buying this vintage product, you are saving our earths precious resources ♻️

  • £5.00
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