Halls 'Elephant Brand' Sewing Needle Pack - 1940's


Fun fact- did you know that Redditch, England once produced 90% of the worlds sewing needles?!

Made by the William Halls Company, these needles were known as the 'Elephant Brand' and were made sometime around the 1940's/early 1950's in Studley, Redditch.   

We found them in an old haberdashery warehouse and they are totally new and unused. 

Available in the following Styles + Sizes:
Bodkins Assorted: 3 Bodkins (not needles by the way, but used for threading cord through rouleaux, for example)
Sharps 3/7: 10 Needles
Sharps 4/8: 10 Needles
Sharps 5/9: 11 Needles
Sharps 11: 10 Needles
Crewel 4/8: 8 Needles
Crewel 9: 7 Needles
Household Assorted: 6 Needles
Large Pack Assorted Household: 30 Needles