'Great Wall' Vintage 50s/60s Grade 3 Natural Undyed Parasisal Straw Capeline


Holy guacamole! This vintage parasisal dates to around the 1950s/60s and is quite simply magnificent in every way! It's a tremendously fine 2x2 weave, and don't be fooled by it's Grade 3 classification - vintage parasisals are renowned for being super fine by today's modern equivalent and a grade 3 is far superior to even a Grade 1 modern capeline. 

Natural and undyed, this batch of capelines are absolutely pristine! The original label reads 'Great Wall Brand, Made in Shanghai'. It's so smooth and floaty you really won't want to make a hat out of it for anyone but yourself.

Brim Measures 10.5cm (4.1 inches) wide, total span of brim from side to side measures 40cm (15.7 inches).

Label shown was only on the bottom capeline in the stack, so you will receive a non-labelled capeline. Please note these have been lovingly stored but have been tied up in their original bail packaging since manufacturing so will need a little steam to get them bounced back into shape.