Goose Biot Feather Fringe

Goose biot fringe has to be the most versatile feather in millinery! Feathers can be plucked from the stitched satin binding for individual use and are very popular for using as 'stamens' in the middle of flowers.

Try curving the feather by running the spine over the blunt side of a pair or scissors (much like curling ribbon) to achieve a whole other look!

Including satin ribbon binding this fringe measures 12-15cm  (4.7-5.9 inches) in height.

Available in:
10cm (4 inch) lengths which has approximately 25-30 feathers, or
1m (1.09 yard) lengths which has approximately 250-300 feathers
  • £2.50
Black Biot
Pewter Grey Biot
Pale Grey Biot
Off White Biot
Ivory Biot
Mink Biot
Dusky Pink Biot
Rose Pink Biot
Light Pink Biot
Bubblegum Biot
Neon Pink Biot
Fuchsia Pink Biot
Magenta Biot
Mauve Biot
Burgundy Biot
Red Biot
Coral Biot
Bronze Biot
Burnt Orange Biot
Rust Biot
Blush Biot
Yellow Biot
Neon Yellow Biot
Modern Mint Biot
Emerald Green Biot
Bottle Green Biot
Teal Biot
Turquoise Biot
Royal Blue Biot
Purple Biot