Diamante Rhinestone 2cm Flat Backed Alphabet Letters A-Z

These diamante (rhinestone) letters are perfect for personalising hats, jewellery, cards, wedding floral arrangements and more! Available in letters A through Z and & (ampersand) symbol.

Letters are made from high quality glass crystal and metal and have a flat-backed surface which is ideal for glueing to your chosen surface. Price is for a single letter of your choice.

Letters measure 2cm in height and are the following widths:
A- 17mm
C- 16mm
D- 14mm
E- 14mm
F- 14mm
G- 17mm
I - 9mm
J - 9mm
K- 15mm
L- 11mm
M- 18mm
N- 15mm
O- 15mm
P- 14mm
Q- 16mm
R- 14mm
S- 13mm
T- 14mm
U- 15mm
V- 18mm
W- 23mm
X- 15mm
Y- 16mm
Z- 16mm
&- 18mm

Please note: This product is now discontinued, once the letter has gone, it's gone! 

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  • £2.00