• Damaged Vintage Strip Straw Colour Flare Hat Body - 12"

Damaged Vintage Strip Straw Colour Flare Hat Body - 12"

*Damaged! We have a few of these vintage hat bodies that are damaged up for grab in our millinery stash sale! With big chunks or cracks, there is still some good use to be had here. *

These vintage strip straw hat bodies date to the 1990's, and to be brutally honest they are a tad on the crispy side! We are pricing them at a bargain price because of the possibility that they could crack under normal blocking situations. They could be totally fine but we can't promise you anything! 

Made in the 1990's, these hat bodies were rescued from an old hat manufacturer.

Flare measures:
Flat measurement from crown tip to brim: 30.4cm (12 inches)

*Please note that this is not a finished hat but the 'body' to make one from scratch.* 


Petershams Guide to hat bodies:
Cone: This is the perfect size for most fascinators and for blocking out hat crowns.
Flares: This is the size inbetween a cone and a capeline, so good for hats with smaller brims or larger fascinators.
Capelines: This is the largest hat body, great for wide brimmed fitted hats.


♻️ This product is part of our sustainable range of millinery supplies. By buying this vintage product, you are saving our earths precious resources ♻️

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