Little Scallop Crinoline Capeline Hat Body - 11"


Need a quick hat fix? These crin and visca braid capelines and just about ready to wear. Simply pop in a head ribbon, trim and you're done! 

Made up of see-through crin and scalloped visca braid that has been sewn around into a capeline it gives off a striped effect which is perfect for summer shade.

Capeline Measurements (when laid flat).:

*Please note that this is not a finished hat but the 'body' to make one from scratch.* 

Petershams Guide to hat bodies:
Cone: This is the perfect size for most fascinators and for blocking out hat crowns.
Flares: This is the size in between a cone and a capeline, so good for hats with smaller brims or larger fascinators.
Capelines: This is the largest hat body, great for wide brimmed hats.