Vintage Hand Stitched Straw Capeline - Harvest Pattern


No, you are not dreaming. They are real. But after every member of staff snapped them up they are in short supply. So get in quick!

Made from flat stitched straw, each capeline has been HAND STITCHED (I know - really) with a harvest of 3D (yes! 3D!) vegetables and fruits in vibrant colours that circle around the brim. Each one follows roughly the same pattern but is totally unique in stitch size, fruit colours, etc.

It's already been blocked into a sweet rounded shape and has a finished edge, so all you need to do is add a head ribbon and you're done. You could of course change the shape of it if you like. But why mess with perfection?

We estimate this capeline to date back to late 60's-70's. 

41cm wide side to side 
26cm crown center to brim depth


  • £16.00
  • £27.50