Chinchilla Pattern Stripped Coque Feathers - Pack of 10


Chinchilla coque feathers are prized for their natural stripe pattern, and these are extra special as they have been stripped and dyed a range of gorgeous colours. Some feathers will have also retained their original iridescent colouring, simply stunning!

Their fine, floaty nature makes them ideal for fascinators and are a firm millinery favourite.

Sold in a pack of 10.

Feathers will vary in shape and size but are typically between 18-23cm (7-9") in length.

Top feather tips!:
-Feathers often settle out of shape when stored and shipped. To bring them back to life try holding over a gently steaming pot or kettle for a couple seconds and smooth them back in place.
-Try trimming stripped coque into diamond or triangle shapes for a different look.

  *These are part of a limited range, so once they're gone they're gone!*