Busted Vintage 1940s Bargain Berries - Glass

These glass berry sprigs make us joyous and sad at the same time! Unfortunately the glass berries have suffered a good amount of damage over the years, so we have put 5 in a pack and challenge you to salvage them at your will! The glass leaves alone are worth picking them apart for - they are gorgeous and as far as we have seen undamaged.

Dating to the 1940s, we found a whole box of these in an old haberdashery, so expect a bit of dust and a lots of breakages. Sprigs are wired and wrapped with thread and have a back clip for pinning onto a hat, although these are quite damaged we don't think they will be bouncing onto a hat straight away! 

Sprigs measure 8-9cm in length.

Sold as is in busted berry bargain condition.

  • £5.00