Burnt Ostrich Feather Plume - 50-70cm

Ostrich feathers are a millinery classic, but these 'burnt' ostrich quills take things to a whole new level! 

The burning process strips the ostrich feather from all it's fluffy bits and leaves behind a plume of wispy magical-ness. It's large size means you can trim up a good sized hat in no time! 

Plumes measures:
Length: 50-70cm (19-27 inches)
Width: 10-20cm (4-8 inches)
  • £8.50
Red Ostrich
Cerise Ostrich
Bubblegum Ostrich
Fuchsia Ostrich
Deep Coral Ostrich
Candy Pink Ostrich
Coral Ostrich
Peach Ostrich
Sherbet Orange Ostrich
Orange Ostrich
Mink Ostrich
Powder Blue Ostrich
Light Blue Ostrich
Turquoise Ostrich
Royal Blue Ostrich
Ice Blue Ostrich
Sage Ostrich
Jade Ostrich
Lilac Ostrich
Purple Ostrich
Bright Plum Ostrich
Plum Ostrich
Mauve Ostrich
Mint Ostrich
Lime Green Ostrich
Black Ostrich
Warm Grey Ostrich
Pale Grey Ostrich
Pewter Grey Ostrich
Ice Grey Ostrich
Metallic Gold Ostrich
Ivory Ostrich
Blush Ostrich
Pale Pink Ostrich
Light Beige Ostrich
Deep Mink Ostrich
Light Grey Ostrich